18 helmikuun, 2018

In English

2020 is the 68th Summer of Dancing at Kuikan Lava

Nostalgic, genuinely Finnish open-air dancing at the dance pavilion 


Friday Dances at Kuikan Lava will start with the grand opening on Friday 22 May and continue the whole summer until the closing on Friday 4.9.2020. The widely known traditional Ladies’ Wednesday Night Dances begin on Wednesday 3 June and end on Wednesday 12 August. Kuikan Lava has a large 210-square-metre dance floor and we use paraffin to make it easier to dance on. The average age of the audience varies typically between 20 and 40 years. The list of performers consists of some of the great names of summer dances: the Finlanders, Saija Tuupanen, Korsuorkesteri, Elonkerjuu, Taikakuu etc.

Kuikan Lava has long traditions. The first dance steps were taken here in 1952 and now a typical annual number of dances is approximately 30. Kuikan Lava is also a popular venue for wedding receptions, birthday parties, corporate hospitality and auctions. One of the events with the longest traditions of its kind is the 25th Kuikan Wahvamieskisa (The Kuikka Strongman Competition) on Saturday 27 Juni 2020.

Our services include also karaoke (on Fridays and on Wednesdays), a smoke-free cafeteria, services  in a separate cabin,  free drinking water, WC, cloakroom, TV, heating, air conditioning and electric sockets for recreational vehicles. You can also buy beer, grilled sausages and pork chops, etc.

The surroundings of Kuikan Lava form a charming recreational area. Kuikan Lava was voted the best summer dance venue in Central Finland 2009 by dance club Tanssin Taikaa  (Dance Magic) Ry. In 1999 it was elected the Entertainment Organizer of the Year by a national organization in the field. New facilities have been added at regular intervals and wood is used in a creative way to give the place a summer pavilion like atmosphere. A lot of attention has also been paid on light fittings with unforeseen effects and creating a pleasant environment.

Kuikan Lava is owned by a registered association Kuikan PVY ry. The association was established by the inhabitants of the near-by village community in 1937. The members of the association run the dance pavilion by doing voluntary work.


Transportation depart from Jyväskylä (neat platform 2, “Saviranta” +358 400 646 755) at 20.30 (Friday). Transportation back to Jyväskylä is available after the dances (Friday).

Driving instructions:

Kuikan Lava is located in the village of Kuikka (= black-throated diver in English), 20 kilometers to the north of Jyväskylä. (E4) 16 kilometers from Jyväskylä to the north, then to the west ”Tikkakoski” (road 6300) 7 km (through Tikkakoski), then to the right at the T- junction ”Uurainen” 800 m and the dance pavilion is located on the left.


The prices of the tickets vary depending on the performance. With a student card you can get 2€ discount.

Opening hours

Fridays 20.00 pm – 01.00/01.30 am and during Ladies’ Nights 20.00 pm – 00.30 am


Annoucements in Keskisuomalainen (Wednesdays and Fridays) as well as https://tanssi.net/en/p/137.html

Accomodations: Ränssin Kievari +358 14-3110 086 https://www.ranssinkievari.fi/ and hotels of Jyväskylä

Additional information: Kuikan Lava, Kuikantie 536, 41140 Kuikka https://tanssi.net/en/p/137

Some practical tips for first-timers

  • casual style is preferred in country dances, although flowing summer dresses may be popular among women
  • night can get quite cold, make sure you have also something warm to wear
  • you can leave your belongings in the cloakroom during the event
  • apart from international ballroom dances especially the Finnish tango is popular
  • Finnish specialities like “humppa” or “jenkka” are also popular in summer dances
  • rock’n’swing and Latin dances or their easier versions are also in fashion
  • it is customary to have specific areas for men and for women where they wait between the dances
  • the place is called “tanssilava” in Finnish and the event itself is “lavatanssit
  • Saanko luvan?” is the formal invitation to a dance in Finnish asked by men; women are allowed to ask the questions only on Ladies’ Nights on Wednesdays
  •  according to the unwritten rule every couple dances two dances together
  • “Thank you” is “kiitos” in Finnish.